Shabbat Services 3-14-2020

To all NHBZ members and visitors for Shabbat, 3/14/2020.

After discussing this with Rabbi Smason and reviewing the current situation vis-a-vis COVID-19, we have made the following decisions:

  1. Shabbat, 3/14/2020, morning services will not be held
  2. Shabbat, 3/14/2020, synaplex program will not be held.
  3. Friday night, 3/13/2020 services WILL BE held, as they involve a much smaller group. Starts at 6:45pm
  4. Shabbat evening, 3/14/2020 service WILL be help (held), as they involve a much smaller group. The services will start at 6:25pm. Shalosh Seudos (the third meal) will not be served.

This is a tough decision and we used guidance from facts on the ground from 2 principles.

  1. v’nishmartem meod b’nafshoteichem, you should be very cautious with your souls
  2. erring on the side of safety, in these unknown times.

Please pray at home and review this week’s parsha, Ki Tisa.

Also please say extra tehillim for your, your family’s and all others’ health.

Shabbat Shalom
Menachem Szus