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Shavuot 2020 – Learning Opportunities

We are Sheltered in Place… but All together at Sinai!

Join us for this Pre-Shavuot presentation that will lift our spirits and lift us spiritually!

Shavuot commemorates the day we stood together as one people at the foot of Mount Sinai as God gave, and we accepted, the Torah. Many have the custom of staying up all night to learn Jewish texts and insights—once again “receiving” the Torah. Circumstances make that impossible this year, but we still have the opportunity to virtually learn Jewish texts and insights from each other.

Our program begins at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

(Shavuot actually runs from Thursday night, May 28 through Saturday night, May 30)

Connect via Zoom or telephone, but please connect!

Join by video: https://zoom.us/j/295822730

Join by audio: 314-325-8791

Our Live and Video Presenters include: Caryn Alper, Jesse Barash, Susan Feigenbaum/Jay Pepose, Sheryl Levine, Rebbetzin Lori Palatnik, David Porter, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and Nancy Rush

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