The mission of the Sisterhood of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation is to bring together, in friendship, the women of NHBZ to serve our congregation, support our community, and enrich our lives through personal and spiritual growth in the Torah values of our Jewish heritage.

Our activities further our commitment to Jewish ideals, education, spirituality, social action, Zionism, and leadership development.

Our 2018 Officers: 

President:  Teree Farbstein    

Vice President:  Debbie Sher

Treasurer:  Helayne Levitt

Recording Secretary:  Sally Katz

Communications Secretary:  Fran Alper

Board Members:

Marcie Brook, Amy Feit, Mimi Fiszel, Aida Greenberg, Sally Katz, Phyllis Loiterstein, Shayna Scriber (Immediate Past President), Trudy Sudin, Chani Smason (Chaplain), Trudy Sudin, Peggy Umansky


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Contact Us

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phone – 314-991-2100



Events 2018

June 13 at 2:00 pm ~“Balance for Balabustes”

Sponsored by the Senior Kollel and NHBZ Sisterhood~(Strength training, bone health and flexibility for the over-50 female” with Dr. Jill Abrams. (Note: Don’t have to be a Bubbeto attend. Bring a friend!) Refreshments served.