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Sukkot Schedule 2020

Shabbos, October 3rd ~ First Day of Sukkot Shachris & Musaf: 9:00 am

Candle lighting: 7:26 pm

Torah Portion: Leviticus 22:26 – 23:44
Siddur pp 471 – 473
Chumash pp 680-691

Maftir: Numbers 29:12 – 29:16
Siddur p 473
Chumash p 894

Haftorah: Zachariah 14:1 – 14:21
Siddur pp 473-474
Chumash pp 1241-1242

Sunday, October 4th ~ Second Day of Sukkot

Shachris & Musaf: 9:00 am

Children’s Program in the Sukkah with Rabbi Okin (socially distanced ) 4:00 -5:00 pm Mincha: 6:00 pm

Yom Tov ends: 7:24 pm


Sukkot through Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah Information

  • Based on medical recommendations, we advise not to share Etrog & Lulav outside of the group of people residing in your household.

  • Simchat Torah instructions will be available next week.
  • Yizkor Service for Shemini Atzeret will take place via ZOOM on Friday October 9th at 11:00am.
    Please join the service through the link below or you can call in on your phone to the number listed below:

    Connect with video: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83814002771

    Connect with audio in 2 ways:

    1. Preferred option -Call 312- 626 – 6799 which connects you to the ZOOM audio number which will enable you to participate fully, except for the video.

    2. Or call 314-325-8791 for our old audio connection. We encourage you to use the preferred option.


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