Support SB 308


This year’s anti-BDS bill was heard in committee last Tuesday. We expect it to be voted on in committee next Tuesday and if it passes, it will be referred to the full senate.

It is imperative that all the committee members are contacted ASAP and you let them know that you support the bill, also if you are Jewish, it could go a long way if you include that in your message.

Here is the contact information for the committee members (Ed Emery chair) 573-751-2108

cindy.o’ 573- 751-7985 573-751- 1503 573-751-2183 573-751- -4106 573-751-5713 573-751 -3599

Bob Onder is the sponsor of the bill and should be thanked for his support 573- 751-1282

Call me if you have any questions about Tuesday 314-223-2064

For those of you from University City, Brian Williams is our senator, so feel free to mention you are a constituent. Please contact the other senators as well whether you are a constituent or not.

Here is a sample letter but feel free to write your own

Dear Senator :

I am writing to encourage you to support SB 308 opposing the hateful Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Movement that works to damage the economic relationship Israeli companies have with America and delegitimize Israel as a nation. I support Missouri-Israel business.

I ask you to support this bill.