Synaplex Shabbat – January 25, 2020

Synaplex Shabbat – January 25, 2020

8:30 am Traditional Services – in the sanctuary

9:15 am Prayer Learners Service – led by Rabbi Yosef David of Aish HaTorah St. Louis in the chapel

10:00 am Starting Pointsled by Rabbi Ze’ev Smason topic:

10:00 am Children’s Programming – lower level

Tot Shabbat for ages 1-6, babysitting for younger children, Junior Congregation for ages 7 and up

11:30 am

Synaplex Breakout Sessions with speakers:

Nadav Alkoby, Midwest Campus Coordinator at ZOA Campus ~ Topic: “Winning Hearts and Minds on College Campus”

Rabbi Yosef Landa, Chabad St. Louis ~ Topic: “Yeshiva in Shanghai”

Thousands of Jews found refuge in Japanese occupied Shanghai, while Jewish life in Europe was being decimated in the years 1940-45, including the remnants of the Chabad Yeshiva in Warsaw and Vilna. Among was Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Landa, father of Rabbi Yosef Landa. A miraculous story of dedication, undaunted faith, resilience and religious perseverance.

This Synaplex is sponsored by Dr. Stephen and Myra Radinsky

12:30 pm Kiddush / Lunch for All in the Social Hall

NHBZ Synaplex Shabbat is free and open to the Jewish public

Home hospitality is available. Call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100 ext. 2 for details.