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The Sisterhood Scoop – July 10, 2021

Volume 4 Number 27 – July 10, 2021 – 1 Av 5781

Sisterhood’s Book Club News

The next book club meeting will be on Monday, August 23, 7:15-1:45 pm, at the home of Sallie Volotzky. The book will be “Florence Adler Swims Forever” a novel by Rachel Beanland. Winner of the 2020 National Jewish Book Award for Debut Fiction, and set in Atlantic City in 1934, it tells the story of a Jewish family struggling to conceal a tragic secret. Faith Waxman will lead the discussion.

Mark your calendars now for these upcoming Book Club discussions dates:

  • October 25 “The Third Daughter” by Talia Carner – discussion led by Ilene Brooks Scharnhorst
  • December 27 “The Ghost of Hannah Mendes” by Naomi Ragen

For more information or to RSVP call Terri Schnitzer at 314-518-4107 or email terrischnitzer@yahoo.com

When the month of Av enters, we reduce our joy…

Talmud. Taanit 26b

It’s Rosh Chodesh ~ The Jewish New Month

‘Rosh Chodesh’ means the “Head of the New [Moon],” and is always celebrated around the time when the new sliver of the moon appears in the night sky.

While work is generally permitted on Rosh Chodesh, many women have the custom of abstaining from certain forms of work on this day. This harks back to the episode of the Golden Calf when the women declined to participate in the “fundraising” effort and refused to surrender their jewelry for use in making the idol. As a reward, they were given Rosh Chodesh as a day which they observe more than the men.

The Importance of the Minyan

What Women Can Do

Ladies, remember an essential part of our Sisterhood Mission is to support our shul and our community. A foundation of our shul and our community is prayer – and our daily minyan is the optimal vehicle for prayer for our community.

To help strengthen and support our minyan, please encourage your husbands and sons to commit to regularly attending one, two, three, or more minyanim each week. Your encouragement can make a difference to help inspire the guys to fulfill this vital mitzvah. And, of course, you can attend too!

We invite you to join us!

For more information: email sisterhood@nhbz.org or contact Fran Alper at 314-993-4024 or fran.alper@outlook.com or Teree Farbstein at 314-753-5035 or tfarbstein2@gmail.com

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