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The Sisterhood Scoop – July 20th, 2019

Volume 2 Number 28 – July 20, 2019 – 17 Tammuz  5779

Mark Your Calendars

Save the Date • Save the Date • Save the Date

  • 4th Annual Dine ‘N’ Style Fashion Show, Luncheon & Shopping! – Sun., August 18 OUR BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!
  • Next Book Club book: Lift and Separate: A Novel, by Marilyn Simon Rothstein – Monday, August 26, 7:15-8:45PM
  • Craft Central Art Project ’Stained Glass Star of David’ – Wed., Sept. 18, 6:00-8:30PM
  • JFedStL Women’s Philanthropy:’L’Chaim!’ w/ Edie Lutnick – Tues, Sept. 24 at 6:15 PM. Join NHBZ Sisterhood at the Ritz-Carlton!


Tisha b’Av (9th of Av) is the day we mourn the destruction of the first and second Temples. It is also a time when we remember the suffering and tragedies that have affected the Jewish nation in the last two thousand years of exile.

The Talmud relates that the great Rabbi Akiva and some of his colleagues visited the Temple Mount shortly after the Temple was destroyed. When they arrived, an animal was coming out of the spot that was previously the most holy area. Seeing this painful sight the rabbis began to cry. Except Rabbi Akiva, who began to laugh. Confused, the others questioned the cause of Rabbi Akiva’s happiness. He explained: “In the writings of the prophets we read of two prophecies—one of destruction, and the other of hope and ultimate redemption. As I stand here and witness the fulfillment of the first prediction I am confident that second will also take place.”

One explanation of this episode gives us a perspective on how to approach painful and challenging experiences. People unfortunately face challenges on many levels—minor setbacks, relationship breakdowns, sickness, loss of loved ones or suffering. Whatever the experience is, this Talmudic story teaches that there are two critical components to the healing process. On the one hand we can and should cry, grieve, and mourn. Indifference to challenge or suffering reflects insensitivity. Suppressing our emotions is unhealthy. We should be sensitive to our own and other’s pain and beg G-d to bring salvation.

On the other hand, Rabbi Akiva taught that we possess the ability to move on, let go and look forward with hope, strength and optimism. After we grieve or cry we leave the world of sorrow and move into the world of action, doing whatever possible to create a better tomorrow. Rabbi Akiva’s laughter was not a naive view of the destruction around him—he too felt the pain. Rather it was a declaration of hope, resilience, faith and feeling of certainty that there will be a better future.

Every Tisha b’Av we mourn for the long exile and our history of oppression and persecution. But the very next day, the period of mourning comes to an end and we focus on the future with hope and belief that soon Tisha b’Av will be transformed into a day of happiness; with the final redemption—may it take place soon. -by Michoel Gourarie

Sisterhood’s 4th Annual Dine ‘n’ Style Fashion Show & Luncheon

  • ‘A World of Fashion’ – Sunday August 18th (Save the Date)
  • New Fall Fashions from Orli’s Boutique + Sale Bash!
  • International Luncheon
  • Lots of Shopping


For more information contact:, or Helayne Levitt or Terri Schnitze.

Fashion Show 2019 (PDF Poster)

Hats Off to the Planning Committee for Sisterhood’s 4th Annual Dine ‘N’ Style Fashion Show & Luncheon!

New This Year: Linda’s Hats from Chicago

Sisterhood’s 4th Annual Dine ‘n’ Style
Fashion Show & Luncheon ‘A World o f Fashion’

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN ~ $27 per person $22 for NHBZ Sisterhood Members Add $2 transaction fee if paying by credit card.



  • New Fall Fashions from Orli’s Boutique + Sale Bash!
  • International Luncheon
  • Lots of Shopping!

RSVP by August 12 – 314.991.2100, ext.3 or
For more info: Terri Schnitzer

The Lubavitcher Rebbe urged that the Three Weeks should be a time of increased giving of charity and Torah study—”Zion shall be redeemed by law, and her returnees by charity”(Isaiah1:27) —particularly the study of those portions of Torah that deal with the laws and the deeper significance of the Holy Temple.

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email:

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