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The Sisterhood Scoop – May 1, 2021

Volume 4 Number 19 – May 15, 2021 – 4 Sivan 5781

Sisterhood’s Book Club News

Geraldine Brooks – People of the Book

The next Book Club meeting will be Monday, June 28, 2021, 7:15-8:45 pm, to discuss “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brook, the historical novel that traces the journey of the famed 15th century Sarajevo Haggadah. Linda Luks will facilitate the discussion.

Mark your calendars now for these upcoming Book Club discussions:

  • August 23 “Florence Adler Swims Forever” by Rachel Beanland – led by Faith Waxman
  • October 25 “The Third Daughter” by Talia Carner – discussion led by Ilene Brooks Scharnhorst

For more information contact Terri Schnitzer.

Bamidbar/Numbers: Why in a Desert

“Bamidbar – In the desert” – describes G-d’s chosen setting for giving over the Torah to the Jewish people. A desert.

A seemingly strange choice! Kabolas Hatorah B’simcha

Usually when a leader wishes to make an announcement to his people, he does so from an impressive, stately setting. Why choose a barren and desolate desert?

One of the reasons for this choice was to impress upon the nation the importance of humility.

If one’s life is filled with his own ego, no space will be left for other people. This prevents a person from becoming a giver, and a fully developed human being. Helping those around him will be limited and he will struggle to learn from the those that he comes into contact with for risk of lowering his status. Not only will he be hesitant to listen to others opinions, but he may even avoid mixing with certain people altogether. With this attitude a person will be unable to acquire true wisdom. 

A humble person is able to take a step back and to create space for other people in his life. He is able to both help them and learn from them, no matter what their status or relationship to him.

In his humility, the focus is not on himself and fueling his own ego, but on how he can make a difference to those around him whilst simultaneously learning from them.

Ben Zoma says: Who is wise? He who learns from every person… (Ethics of the Fathers 4:1).

Receiving the Torah in the desert, amongst a plain and empty, sand-filled backdrop, was a powerful, visual reminder. A reminder that it is impossible to acquire wisdom, help others, and let the Divine spark shine within us, unless we step back from our own ego and make a space for others in our lives.

– by Shoshanna Dresner, www.aish.com

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

“Jews and Judaism represent more than a religion accidentally tied to a people, or a people coincidentally bound to a religion. The definitive moment which brought Israel into being was the covenant at Sinai, which married a people to G-d, and G-d to a people.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z”LTraditional Alternatives/Arguments for the Sake of Heaven

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