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The Sisterhood Scoop – May 23rd, 2020

Volume 3 Number 18 – May 23rd, 2020 – 29 Iyar 5780


Rabbi Smason’s Online Class “The
Book of Ruth,” is wrapping up. Join in
a review of the Ten Commandments
each weekday at 2:30-3:00PM starting
now until Shavuos.

For Zoom video click on this link:

For telephone only
call this phone number: (314) 325-8791

“I never before understood or appreciated the spiritual depth within the story of Ruth. Now I look forward to this 30-minute class each afternoon! Thank you, Rabbi Smason!” – an anonymous participant.


Say “Cheese” cake, It’s Shavuos

Email your favorite ‘quarantine picture’ to sisterhood@nhbz.org by June 15. We will publish the best ones in the First Day of Summer edition of the Sisterhood Scoop next month.


Sisterhood Book Club /June

The June Book Club book is “Black, White, & Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self” by Rebecca Walker, the daughter of a Jewish father and African-American mother who recalls her life lived between two conflicting ethnic identities.

For more information contact Terri Schnitzer.





PAID-UP Sisterhood Members for 2020:

Caryn Alper
Debbie Barash
*Shirley Bluestein
Marcie Brook
*Fran Cohen
*June Cohen
Erika Del Castillo
Jessica Fadem
Teree Farbstein
Amy Feit
*Arlene Fredman
Meira Ganel
*Esther Gelb
Leslie Gitel
Devy Goldenberg
Rhonnie Goldfader
Michelle Goldstein
Sandra Greenberg
*Evelyn Gross
Jane Kadosh
Joni Kaiser
Charlene Kass
Sally Katz
Tami Klayman
Estelle Kram
*Judy Levin
Helayne Levitt
Phyllis Loiterstein
Linda Luks
*Ina Makovsky
Linda Markowitz
Faye Cohen McCary
Maxine Mirowitz
Marcela Morgensztern
Sally Needle
*Ruth Novack Alper
*Rachael Pevnick
Myra Radinsky
Frances Reisler
Rosalind Rosen
Libby Routman Sorkin
Randi Schenberg
Terri Schnitzer
Linda Shore
*Phyllis Silverman
Chani Smason
*Trudy Sudin
Sharon Summers
*Phyllis Sunshine
*Roberta Tolpin
Peggy Umansky
Sallie Volotzky
Faith Waxman
Gloria Waxman
Lisa Weiss


If your name is NOT on the list and you have NOT YET PAID, please send $25 to NHBZ by June 1 – note ‘Sisterhood Membership Dues’ in the check memo. Thank you to all our Paid-Up Sisterhood Members!

The Right Time for a Census

Reflections on Bamidbar by Zalman Posner, www.chabad.org

One of the early expressions of the dignity of the individual is in this week’s Torah reading. The greatness of giants is a commonplace: Adam, Noah, the Patriarchs, Moses—these are all noteworthy names. But the anonymous, the scores of thousands who were not leaders and chiefs, the masses—they too are endowed with worth by the simple theme of this week’s Torah reading, the census. Counting implies value, for worthless things are not counted, certainly not as individual units but in the mass at best. The Torah counts Israel to the last man, because each one, insignificant though he may seem, is priceless.

Counting implies value, for worthless things are not counted We are quite prepared to accept this idea, that even the little man is not so little that he may be ignored. But the biblical commentator Rashi makes a noteworthy observation. He cites several occasions when Israel is counted, specifically the count following the Golden Calf and the count following the dedication of the Sanctuary. These examples are in striking contrast. One depicts Israel in the depths of idolatry, at its spiritual nadir; the other represents Israel in a moment of dedication (of self no less than Sanctuary) to G‑d’s service.

Perhaps Rashi means to indicate that the worth of man is intrinsic, that his soul has an innate purity beyond sullying. We cannot establish standards for “worthy” people and proceed to deny to the deficient the prerogatives of all men. Each individual is unique and priceless, and not only at moments of consecration, but even when fallible and fallen, is worthy of being counted as one of Israel.

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org


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