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Tu Bishvat Shabbos Celebration, February 4, 2023

Services begin at 9:00 am followed by lunch and a special guest speaker, Rabbi Avi Feigenbaum, Executive Director of Esther Miller Bais Yaakov High School, who will provide explanations, insights, and inspiration about the often overlooked holiday of Tu Bishvat.

Lunch is sponsored by David and Norma Rubin (and prepared by Norma) in memory of David’s mother, Shaindel bas Dov Ber HaCohen z”l, his grandfather, Dov Ber ben Aharon HaCohen z”l, and his grandmother, Manya Mary Feldman Rubin z”l.

Dessert is sponsored by Reuven and Margo Tzadok on the Yahrzeit of Margo’s father, Ely Langfeld, Yehuda Ben Menasha HaCohen.

There is no cost for this event and it is open to the entire Jewish Community. Nusach Hari offers a welcoming place of learning and worship for all Jews, regardless of affiliation or level of observance. Come grow with us!

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