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Saint Louis Community Kollel Shabbos

This coming Shabbos we have the special privilege of hosting the St louis Community Kollel. Please join us for a ruach filled and inspiring davening followed by a special Kiddush lunch. Please consider sponsoring...

Lighting Shabbat candles to pray for Israel

Dear friends and members, Our hearts are broken for our so many brothers and sisters who are suffering tremendously. We all are looking to help the situation in some way. Please read the beautiful...

Terror In Israel – More Ways to Help

It is truly beautiful that so many of you feel the pain of our brothers and sisters and want to help in a most meaningful way. Many of you are looking to give your hard earned money to Tzedaka causes in Israel to help shoulder the massive burden. There are countless wonderful causes and organizations that can use desperately needed funds.

Taking Action

At this time, when our brothers, sisters, friends, and family in Israel are facing unprecedented challenges and violence, it is crucial that we stand in solidarity with them. We, as a united Jewish community, have an opportunity to make our voices heard and advocate for the support and security of Israel.

We have prepared a letter which you can send to the White House and to your U.S. Senators and Representatives, urging them to take a strong and unwavering stance in support of Israel. We encourage you to copy and paste the letter at the bottom of this page—modifying it as you see fit—and send it to your elected officials.

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Evening Minyan Time Change

Please note the change in the schedule for the evening Minyan: Beginning Sunday, May 28, we will daven Mincha/Ma’ariv at 6:30 pm. This “Plag Minyan” – where we daven Mincha before Plag Hamincha —...

Mother-Daughter Program – Middos from the Mishna

Mother-Daughter Program, This Sunday, January 15, 2023Join us for “Middos from the Mishna” with Batya Bogopulsky and others. In conjunction with the St.Louis Kollel as part of “Kesher Connecting Generations,” the program is open...