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Ask Our Rabbis – May 7th, 2022

Q: How is it that my appliances seem to know when it is Erev Yontiff? Invariably, JUST before Yom Tov (a major holiday) they seem to break. What gives?

A: To answer your question we reached out to a stove owned by a Jewish family. Its response:

Rabbi: “Mr. Stove. Pleasure to meet you. Thank you for sitting down to today’s interview.”
Mr. Stove: “My pleasure, Rabbi. I was sitting anyway. But I do have to tell you that I had a rough Pesach. Over Yom Tov the family who owns me had a visiting relative who’s a cowboy. He sat on me several times.”

Rabbi: “Why would he do such a thing?”

Mr. Stove. “He says that it made him feel more at home… on the range.”

Rabbi: “Mr. Stove, enough with the bad puns. Let’s get down to business. One of my congregants wants to know why you and your fellow appliances always seem to cause them trouble just before Yom Tov. What gives?”

Mr. Stove: “People think that only these new fancy phones are ‘smart’, but me and my fellow appliances get a bum rap. We’re also plenty smart, because we take orders directly from The Boss. Not Springsteen. THE Boss. HaShem. Just as I and my fellow appliances come with user manuals, those who own me also come into this world with directions. And lesson number one is: Life is a test. Everyone gets tested in various ways so that they can develop their character and actualize their potential.

Rabbi: “Does that mean, Mr. Stove, that sometimes you stop working at particularly busy times to deliberately try people’s patience and emunah?”

Mr. Stove: “Exactly! If I’d go on the fritz on a Monday in the summer, anyone can deal with that type of challenge. That would be easy-peasy. But if I start acting up a few days before Pesach, that can cause a lot of gaswork. It might make a balebusta really boil over. It could ….”

Rabbi: “Mr Stove!”

Mr. Stove: “Ahem … It would cause a more formidable challenge for said balebusta. Will she keep her cool? Will her husband be understanding, supportive, and drop everything he is doing to get a repairman out to fix me? Will the neighbors pitch in to help? Life is a test, Rabbi. I and my fellow appliances just follow orders to help everyone reach their latent inner potential.”