NHBZ Online Classes with Rabbi Smason

To listen to previously recorded Zoom sessions click Resources and select NHBZ Online Classes with Rabbi Smason – Recording.

NHBZ Online Classes

Rabbi Smason will keep you connected during this challenging time. The classes listed below are easy to join and you can drop in on one without having previously attended. All classes are offered through Zoom video conferencing on your computer or smartphone (you do not need to download Zoom to see the class) AND through audio only on your telephone.

Notice: Rabbi Smason’s classes will be taking a Pesach break from Friday, March 26- Sunday, April 4. Classes resume on Monday, April 5. 

Instructions to attend a class:

For Zoom video: each class has a Zoom link- click on the link or copy and paste the link in your browser to join the class.

For audio through your telephone connect in 2 ways:

  1. Preferred option Call 312-626-6799 which connects you to the ZOOM audio number and will enable you to participate fully, except for the video. Toll-Free.
  2. Or call 314-325-8791 for our old audio connection. We encourage you to use the preferred option as this option will not be available soon.

Online Classes

  1. Weekdays at 8:00 am (Sun. 9:00 am) New topic: “Tehillim Tips; Insights Into Our Prayers” with Rabbi Smason. Each session is planned to last 30 minutes or so.
    Join by video at https://zoom.us/j/99013706617
  2. Monday – Friday: 2:30 – 3:00 pm ~ “King David: His Life, Times and Spirit” with Rabbi Smason. This class will offer an in-depth study of King David through sources in the Book of Samuel and Psalms.
    Join by video: https://zoom.us/j/136785930
  3. Friday at 8:00 am ~ Rabbi Smason will discuss the “Haftorah of the Week”. Join by video at https://zoom.us/j/99013706617
  4. Sunday- Wednesday at 7:00 pm ~ Rabbi Smason will offer a “Family Time Meeting” offering a few words of inspiration, perhaps a story, and then together we will recite Tehillim and sing. Each session is planned to last 15 minutes or so.
    Join by video at https://zoom.us/j/295822730
  5. Every Monday at 7:30 pm ~ To the Source” with Rabbi Smason. An ongoing weekly class covering contemporary Torah topics using classic and modern English and Hebrew texts.
    Join by video at https://zoom.us/j/295822730
  6. Every Wednesday at 12:15 pm ~ Study with Rabbi Smason- Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers. Our long-running class offers contemporary, relevant insights based upon the timeless wisdom of the Torah.
    Join by video at https://zoom.us/j/214068419
  7. Thursdays at 7:00 pm ~ Rabbi Smason will offer his popular “Starting Points” program — a 45-minute discussion/presentation of relevant, contemporary topics. Titles and dates, below.
    Join by video: https://zoom.us/j/295822730

April 15: “How to Stay Young While Growing Old”

April 22: “Things I’ve Learned From the Pandemic”

April 28 (Wednesday): “Can We Agree to Disagree and Still Get Along?”

May 6: “Authenticity: Keeping It Real in a Fake World”

May 13: “Jewish Wisdom vs. Secular Knowledge: What’s the Difference Between the Two?”